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The IdentiShare Test

  • What is IdentiShare?

    When you are online dating, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little insurance and a lock on protection against fraud, deceptions and scams?

    Not all people you meet online can be trusted.  How do you know that words spoken or communicated to you by a stranger you just met on an online dating site are true?  Are they really being honest, are they really who they say they are?    Can you say that the person you just met online has integrity?  Obviously, the answer is no.

    So, what can you do to help protect yourself against the unknown, or a thief, crook, scam artist, embezzler or worse?  

    IdentiShare is the solution.  When you register for IdentiShare you have the power to administer the IdentiShare “Test.”  The IdentiShare “test” is your ability to evaluate the background of someone you just met online that they voluntarily agree to do, privately and securely. 

    The IdentiShare “Test” is the great equalizer, the “jump start” in building a relationship built on trust.     

    The IdentiShare “test” is the best chance you have to evaluate who the new stranger in your life is, who they say they really are.  IdentiShare is a technological inducement that establishes the truth, honesty and integrity of anyone.

    For women, IdentiShare gives you an edge of protection and authority with panache and class.

    For men, IdentiShare reflects your virility and gives you the ability to start a relationship with a clean slate.   Show your new found love interest that you care enough about your background to share it with your new lady. 

  • IdentiShare is Identify Sharing.

    Our name IdentiShare means Identity Sharing.  In Online Dating Services, people want and deserve to have the truth about anyone they meet online, upfront. In a digital age, IdentiShare helps to protect you against fraud and fake profiles especially if you are using online dating websites. IdentiShare Members seek to eliminate second guessing about a person’s background. Our Members desire to reinforce a romantic foundation of trust and honesty at the onset or in the course of developing personal and trusting relationships. The bottom line, IdentiShare Members want to begin open, respectful and compassionate communication in the beginning. They stand firmly on this concept of maturity and integrity.   Our name means Identity Sharing.  

  • What is the IdentiShare Test?

    Do you want to take the IdentiShare Test?

    O   Yes                                            

    O   No

    You decide.  Registration provides you with your own personal Authenticated Identification Report.  You decide with whom you will share your Identification.  Remember, this is purely voluntary and it is up to you who you want to see who you really claim to be. 

    Please proceed to Registration.

  • Why IdentiShare?

    IdentiShare means Identity Sharing.  IdentiShare is a pre-crime alert process providing a front line defense against online fraud, scams, liars and deceivers.  IdentiShare delivers a dual-process (patent pending) technology that:

    (i)        Allows you to open an IdentiShare Account within minutes and obtain your own Personal Authenticated Identity Report that you personally verify and authenticate as accurate

    (ii)        Delivers your Personal Authenticated Identity Report directly to your IdentiShare Website Account, quickly and hassle free

    (iii)       Gives you the option to share and exchange your Personal Authenticated Identity Report with another IdentiShare member directly through the IdentiShare website, privately and securely, or with any non-IdentiShare person.

    (iv)      You determine who sees your Personal Authenticated Identity Report.  It is purely voluntary on your part.  You decide.

    (v)       Gives you decisive and commanding control in any new online dating introduction on any online dating site because you decide the best time to share and exchange your Personal Authenticated Identity Report with a new love interest.  You can cut to the chase with no more guessing or game playing.

    (vi)      Gives you peace of mind and protects your financial security when you require strangers you meet in online dating sites to join IdentiShare.   "Honest Authentication is Honest Communication."  

    (vii)     IdentiShare is a mobile application that allows you to Login and within seconds access your Personal Authenticated Identity Report, that verifies your true identity, 24 hours a day, in any location with internet access in the U.S.

    (vii)     IdentiShare is guaranteed to be 100% accurate with a full money back guarantee.

  • How does IdentiShare help me?

    Trust is the cornerstone upon which we build a loving personal relationship. Without it, there is no way to ensure you won’t be physically, emotionally, or financially hurt when by someone you just met, especially on an Online Dating Website Service.  IdentiShare means Identity Sharing.  IdentiShare will replace your worry and fear by supplying you with the information you can use to make an educated decision.  How?  Simply by becoming a registered member of IdentiShare, you have access to your own Personal Authenticated Identity Report that you can share and exchange with anyone else.  The key to IdentiShare is the willingness to share with others.  IdentiShare empowers every member of IdentiShare to control when and with whom they exchange their Personal Authenticated Identity Report.  Registration is the first step in the process.  The sharing or exchanging of Personal Authenticated Identity Reports follows.  People join Online Dating Websites to share their photos and profiles.  People join IdentiShare to share their Personal Authenticated Identity Report.  The information exchanged on Online Dating Websites and IdentiShare are clearly different.  But the importance of IdentiShare is the ironclad control you have over who sees or doesn’t see your Personal Authenticated Identity Report.  The dynamic innovation of IdentiShare is in the mutual exchange and sharing of your authenticated identity between persons who want honesty in their relationship.  It is not one-sided.  IdentiShare has a profound influence over your life and new relationships because it helps protect you and keep you safe from the unknown.  IdentiShare is the most beneficial tool you can have to protect yourself when using any Online Dating Service. 

  • As a single mother, I am thinking about dating a person who says they are committed to a permanent relationship. How can IdentiShare protect me and my children while I am dating?

    IdentiShare means Identity Sharing.  Our primary mission is help prevent you from being victimized by anyone you meet on an online dating site by empowering you to confirm upfront honesty from that “significant someone” from the beginning of your dating relationship.  Through the IdentiShare dual-process technology, you can obtain your own personal criminal and background identity report which authenticate and which you can share with another IdentiShare member or any non-IdentiShare person.  If the person you're thinking about dating becomes an IdentiShare member like you, you're starting off on the right foot because the IdentiShare process helps protect you against online fraud, fake profiles, and scams.    Within certain personality types, there lies a natural inclination to hide the truth, misrepresent, lie and, when circumstances arise, commit abuse, harassment and related crimes against others. We know that 10% of users of online dating sites are sexual predators. There are many others who may not want to voluntarily disclose facts about themselves that you would necessarily want to know for you and your family’s protection. IdentiShare serves to protect over 100 million users of online dating sites, just like you.

  • As a single guy, I am on several dating sites, and I am in the dark about someone I just met on a Dating Site. Can IdentiShare help me?

    We know that there are over 100 million men and women who use Online Dating Website Services hoping to find their true “soul mate.”  We realize that finding your true mate can be a difficult process.  Seeking and getting upfront honesty from someone with whom you meet on an Online Dating Website is our primary mission.  IdentiShare, which means Identity Sharing, allows you to obtain your own criminal and civil background report that you independently verify and authenticate, which you can voluntarily exchange, privately and securely, with anyone on the IdentiShare website or any non-IdentiShare person.  Of course, you expect the same of anyone you may meet on an Online Dating Site because its all about sharing your true identity.  IdentiShare, provides you with the opportunity to share and exchange your Personal Authenticated Identity Report with another member.  Get the truth upfront so you are not in the dark about anyone you meet on Online Dating Websites.

  • Do online Dating Services protect me against fake profiles?

    No.  Online dating website and services do not protect you against online dating schemes, fraud, scams or fake profiles which are an unfortunate reality on Online Dating Websites. IdentiShare is the solution to these problems.   At IdentiShare, we know that Identify Sharing is the solution to online dating scams, fraud and fake profiles.  Honest authentication is based on honest communication.  Do not rely on Dating Website Services to protect you.  They won't.

Online Dating

  • My Online Dating Future

    IdentiShare gives you advance knowledge about a person's identity that help protects you against loss of money or risk to your personal safety.

    No other service or product can give you advance knowledge of whether your new love interest is authentic. IdentiShare gives you and your special someonea warm and encouraging outlook for a beautiful future with the potential for a great long term relationship.

    People all over the world are now learning about IdentiShare.  If you are not a member, register now.  If you are a member, give your new love the opportunity to Authenticate their identity and begain a real relationship with your new love.

    We have the science that gives you the grounds to ask anyone you wish to take the IdenitShare Test.   

Membership Information

  • What are your membership options?

    We offer 2 Membership options that fit your lifestyle. We offer a 6-month Gold Membership Package and a 12-month Platinum Membership Package. The Gold Membership package costs you only $13.33 a month based on a 6 month membership.  The Platinum Membership package, our most popoular, costs you only $8.33 a month based on a 12 month membership.    

    Your Membership begins immediately when an option is selected and purchased, thereby initiating your private IdentiShare Membership.

  • What is the difference between the two membership options?

    The 6 month Gold Membership package provides the same benefits as the Platinum Membership package with one exception.  The Platinum Membership packages costs a little more but in return, you will receive 6 months of additional Membership use as an IdentiShare Member.

    The 6-month Gold Membership Costs only $13.33 a month based on the 6 month plan, and provides:

    • Your Personal Data Profile
    • Member requests sent directly and only to your email
    • Confirmation of your requests sent directly to your email
    • Lifestyle information
    • Receive and send unlimited data profiles to other Members for the term of your Membership
    • Superior customer service

    The 12-month Platinum Membership Costs only $8.99 a month on the 12 month plan, and provides:

    • Your Personal Data Profile
    • Member requests sent directly and only to your email
    • Confirmation of your requests directly to your email
    • Lifestyle information
    • Receive and send unlimited data profiles to other Members for twelve (12) months
    • Superior customer service
    • The best bargain over the 6-month Membership price
  • What happens at the end of my Membership term?

    We provide advance expiration notices to you reminding you that your Membership term is nearing conclusion.  Of course, you have an option to renew your Membership and at IdentiShare, we support our Members determination to self-renew.  At the end or your Membership, unless you self-renew, your Membership will automatically cancel without further notice.  

    We do not believe that auto-renewal provisions in agreements with customers are effective trade practices.  Therefore, we do not offer, use or expose our Members to auto-renew provisions. 

  • Can I refer a friend or family member to IdentiShare?

    Absolutely.  Our primary goal is to provide a layer of protection for your life on Online Dating Website Services. IdentiShare is designed to help protect you, your friends, your family or that special someone in your life with that an effective measure of security.  Honest authentication is honest communication.

Account and Email Changes

  • How do I change my password?

    You may change your password by logging into the IdentiShare website, on your Member Account, go to your Profile and "click" Change Login.  We do recommend that you change your password every 90-days.

  • What if I no longer wish to be on IdentiShare's mailing list?

    As an IdentiShare Member, we may email you information and articles of interest, promotions, offers and various other matters of current interest that we feel are of benefit to our Members.  If you elect not to receive emails from us, you can simply unsubscribe to future emails by going to your Member Account, click on Update Profile and update your selection to "unsubscribe" to the IdentiShare mailing preference and cancel future mailing activity in your account.

  • How do I deactivate my account?

    Deactivate your IdentiShare Account by going to Member Account and clicking on deactivate my account.  Once deactivated, your profile data is no longer available for to you to share with others. Your membership will be cancelled immediately. Your profile data will remain stored for the period of time allowed by law.  If you deactivate your account within the term of your membership, you will be required to register as a new member when you return.  There is no refund if you deactivate your account


  • How do I change my current address information?

    If you move or change your address, please go to your Member Account and click on Profile and update your Residential History.  

  • Does IdentiShare have a refund policy?

    IdentiShare does not have a refund policy.  However, we do assist our Members with credit or debit card payment reimbursements based on misuse or theft of a Members or Users payment source to IdentiShare.  If you feel that your credit or debit card has been misused in this way, please contact us immediately at



  • How do I pay for my IdentiShare Membership?

    In one easy credit or debit card payment at the beginning of your Membership registration.  There are no month to month payments to worry about.

Member Information

  • Can I invite people I know to become IdentiShare Members?

    Absolutely.  We encourage all of our Members to invite new acquaintances, that special someone they just met, friends, relatives and family members to join IdentiShare.  When you invite others to join, you are sharing your sense of well-being based on the trust you experience and secure through IdentiShare.  More people on the IdentiShare site means more people will join as Members lending to a strong and growing trend in expectations of truth and honesty in a time when it’s easier now than ever to fake profiles, fabricate identities and shield the truth.

    IdentiShare offers 2 Membership options to our new Members who make it a priority to quickly add a layer of protection for themselves and their loved ones.

  • How is my Personal Authenticated Identity Report organized?

    It will contain confirm your name, any aliases, any Federal, State and County criminal and civil incidents in your background, addresses where you lived and additional information that you confirmed during your registration and validated as true and authentic. You are the only one who can select when and to whom you want to view your private and secured Personal Authenticated Identity Report.

  • Can the Member to whom I send my Personal Authenticated Identity Report access it forever?

    No! After your initial release of your Personal Authenticated Identity Report to a Member, they can no longer view it without your authorization to reissue giving you a sense of reassurance that your data doesn’t remain accessible beyond the initial release date. You do have the option to select the number of days your Personal Authenticated Identity Report will be available for access to another Member. You make the selection according to your time table.  In every case, only you can determine when to release, share or exchange your Personal Authenticated Identity Report.  No one can access your Report at anytime without your authorization.


  • How do I share my information with another Member?

    Great question!   The IdentiShare process is quick and easy. 

    1.         Simply, identify the Member to whom you want to receive your personal authenticated identity report.

    2.         Verify the Member’s identification number.  

    3.         Execute the command button and a notice that your report is ready for the Member to review will be provided to that Member

    4.         You can select the length of time your report will be available to view.  If the receiving Member doesn’t retrieve your report within the time frame you’ve selected, the option to review the report will time out and deactivate.  To start the process over, you will have to follow the same instructions as indicated above.

    5.         Importantly, Members can share and exchange their reports at the same identical time. It's quick, easy and simple.  

    6.         If you like, you can copy your report and have a hard copy version for whatever purpose you like.

    Exchanging and sharing of a Member’s personal authenticated identity report is purely voluntary.  Members have complete control over their personal authenticated identity report and only Members can access and determine when and to whom their reports are shared.  No Member can access the report of any other Member without the express knowledge and permission of that Member.  The Data Report exchange process is “patent pending” pioneered by IdentiShare and is a highly secured and privacy protected process.  

  • Can I share my information with a non-Member?

    Yes you can.  Any IdentiShare Member can access their personal authenticated identity report and print it off for whatever purpose they like.  Non-IdentiShare Members cannot access the services of IdentiShare without registering as a Member.

  • What are the data exchange capabilities of IdentiShare Members?

    IdentiShare Members can send and receive their Personal Authenticated Identity Reports by providing Member Identification codes that they enter through their Member Account in the IdentiShare website.  A Member must obtain another Member's Identification Number prior to sending their Personal Authenticated Identity Report to that Member.  Member codes are private and can only be shared with other IdentiShare Members.  Members are not limited to the number of times they can share their Personal Authenticated Identity Reports with other Members.  Simple, user friendly, secure and private, IdentiShare enables you to send your Personal Authentication Identity Report to another Member or to receive another Member's Personal Authenticated Identity Report on a voluntary basis.  Once you become a Member, you are free to transmit or receive Personal Authenticated Identity Reports without charge for the term of your Membership.

  • Do I know if my Personal Authenticated Identity Report has been received by another IdentiShare Member?

    Most definitely!   IdentiShare provides you with a notice that your Personal Authenticated Identity Report has been sent and accessed by a Member.  You will also receive a notice when IdentiShare has received a request to provide you with a Member’s Personal Authenticated Identity Report.  Please refer to your Member Account to access either your Personal Authenticated Identity Report or to receive another Member's Personal Authenticated Identity Report or to initate an exchange of your Personal Authenticated Identity Report with another Member.

  • If I decide not to share my Personal Authenticated Identity Report with anyone, who can see my information?

    No one, except you.  Privately, only you can retrieve and view your Personal Authenticated Identity Report.  The only exception is that authorized IdentiShare personnel are authorized to view your Personal Authenticated Indentity Report and internal information in the event of a dispute or any issue that reflects that there is a problem with your account.  You authorize IdentiShare to resolve problems or issues directly associated with your account.  Once the issues or problems are resolved, our personnel will close out their access to your account and restore complete privacy to your access without further involement by IdentiShare personnel.  At all times, you alone have private access to your Personal Authenticated Identity Report.


  • Am I able to access IdentiShare on my mobile device?

    Yes. The IdentiShare website is accessible on any mobile phone or tablet device through a number of different providers including Apple and Android. For security purposes, some functionality may not be fully available in your IdentiShare account in a mobile environment.  Simply type the IdentiShare URL into your browser as follows:


My Profile

  • How long does it take to Register with IdentiShare?

    A few minutes. IdentiShare requests information about you, like your name, address, date of birth, place of birth, social security number, country of origin, citizenship, driver's license number and relevant background information that pertains specifically to you.  The registration process is quick, easy and your personal information if safe and secure. 

  • What is the IdentiShare difference?

    IdentiShare uses state of the art technology to authenticate and validate your personal background information that only you select to disclose to individuals or other IdentiShare Members through the Secure Member Data Sharing System, a "patent pending" process pioneered by IdentiShare.  The IdentiShare process is for the sole use of Members and the information obtained by and through the IdentiShare process uses the highest level of security to protect your information.  The IdentiShare process allows Members to authenticate their true identities at the onset of their relationships, initiating compassionate, respectful and open communication.

    In order to protect your private information, a sensitive and private data exchange happens over a SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures.


Privacy, Security and Safety

  • How does IdentiShare make my information private, safe and secure?

    Only you and authorized IdentiShare personnel have access to your private information.  In order to protect your private data, a sensitive and private data exchange between IdentiShare and its Users happens over a SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures.  When you choose to release your Personal Authenticated Identity Report to a IdentiShare Member, only you, and no one else, can release your Personal Authenticated Identity Report.  Please remember that your Personal Authenticated Identity Report is private and belongs only to you.  IdentiShare takes great pride in protecting your information and making sure that your exchange of information with/to another IdentiShare is processed with the highest level of security available in the industry.   Your personal information is private and maintained with your safety in mind.

  • How does IdentiShare assure that information is safe and private?

    Our most important priority is you.  Your Personal Authenticated Identity Report is maintained with your safety and sense of wellbeing in mind.  Exchanges of Personal Authenticated Identity Report with other IdentiShare Members are conducted with the most up to date security measures. 

    Our process enables all of our Members to securely exchange their information with other Members who share the same convictions in trust and honesty and openness in developing a promising and compassionate relationship from the beginning.  People who do not share this view will, unfortunately, be the least likely to join IdentiShare.  While we refrain from judging a person’s unwillingness to become an IdentiShare Member, we believe that our Members may well consider this reluctance as an indication that the views of those reluctant to join IdentiShare may reflect a view inconsistent with Members.  Of course, as with the nature of things that occur on the Internet, we request that you exercise caution when disclosing personal information to a non-IdentiShare member.   

Technical Questions

  • IdentiShare customer support?

    Submit your inquiry or question on our "Contact Us" page and we will respond to your query as soon as possible during our business hours 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, EST.

    You may contact us at:  (844) 236-6253

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