How IdentiShare Works

We use a simplified process to make this opportunity available for all IdentiShare Members to willingly and voluntarily exchange their Authenticated Identity Reports with other individuals and Members at their choosing.

Registration: Step 1

Register for Your Account

Simply register, validate your information, submit, then select payment.

Registration: Step 2

Your Identity Report is Prepared

Your Identity Report is verified by you and authenticated by IdentiShare which screens your information to insure the accuracy of your true identity, validated, confirmed and disclosed only to you.

Registration: Step 3

Validate Your Identity Report

At your convenience, you review your Authenticated Identity Report and you confirm its validity.

Registration: Step 4

Exchange Your Information

Exchange your Authenticated Identity Report with another IdentiShare Member or anyone you choose to establish your trust, honesty, and integrity upfront, and get peace of mind.

Grasp the opportunity to privately share your verified Identity Report authenticated by IdentiShare everytime you confirm your identity on online dating sites whether through the IdentiShare website or the IdentiShare mobile application.