Letter from the CEO:

As the CEO of IdentiShare and a previous online dater, IdentiShare’s creation was originally to protect, primarily, women who are online dating.  Not to leave you men out, but predatory behavior mainly targets women.  I preferred using EHarmony.  I had a choice to pay an extra five dollars to signify that my name was really my name, and I appreciated potential matches who had chosen to do the same.  However, it did not seem like much, as far as protection against nefarious individuals.  Had IdentiShare been available, I know that I would have immediately signed-up as a member.  As a woman, doing everything I can to ensure my safety and the safety of my children is priority.  Some dating sites screen for sex offenders only.  Others rely on algorithms to detect predatory behavior to screen members.  For me, that was not enough.

IdentiShare upholds self-accountability with 100% accuracy.  IdentiShare is far different from the traditional ‘behind the curtain’ background checks offered by 3rd party background check companies.  Fact wise, traditional background checks initiated by a third person, a stranger or someone you barely know are not helpful to anyone who is seeking total honesty from someone they just met or are getting to know.  This is because specific vital information about that person has to be provided to the background checker.  In the vast majority of cases, this doesn't occur because information is either incomplete or just left out.  As a result, these types of reports will rarely ever be 100% accurate.  While much has been written about this fact, the reality is clear.  So why IdentiShare?  Simply because IdentiShare members validate and have access to their own background reports.  IdentiShare members authenticate their own identities and not only is their report 100% accurate, they also have the option of sharing their report, privately and securely, with any IdentiShare member at anytime or whomever they like.  The result is a much more comprehensive individual identity report that guarantees their true identity.  In short, honest authentication is honest communication.  There is, simply, no substitute.  

In turn, due to IdentiShare’s unique technology, members can privately and securely digitally share/exchange background information with other members, or individuals with whom they choose.  Our members are bold.  They have no fear in saying, “This is me.  Now I want to know about you.”  They refuse to wait until something bad happens, or wait to become suspicious and then perform a traditional ‘behind your back’ background check with a third party background checker. 

It’s an online world.  It’s a different world.  Predators can mask themselves more easily through fake profiles and behind their mobile phones and computer screens.  Our members care about class, distinction, and self-respect.  By becoming IdentiShare members, they innately choose to uphold these attributes and know IdentiShare has come into its time to help people protect themselves.

And you don’t have to be a woman to want to protect yourself.  Men need to protect themselves, as well.  If you are online dating or know of someone is online dating, do them a favor and suggest they help protect themselves by becoming an IdentiShare member and insist it of potential matches.  Honestly, if you ask a potential match if he’s a IdentiShare member, and he tells you no and that he does not want to become one, that certainly leaves reason to pause before pursuing a relationship.  I know I would choose the “hit the road Jack” option.

As far as the future is concerned, we wish the best for yours, which is why we are here.  

Wishing You the Best Always,

C.e. Dorr

President and Chief Executive Officer