Liar. Liar.

Yes. People lie.

Are there any Rules???

There is nothing worse than a broken heart, especially when it is coupled with a broken wallet. This is why conscientious individuals are turning to digital exchanges.

You are not immune from people lying and attempting to steal from you in this increasingly complex, digital age. IdentiShare Members belong to a group of individuals seeking another layer of protection for themselves and their loved ones.  We know that “54% of online daters have felt that someone else seriously misrepresented themselves in their profile” according to the  Pew Research Center. In numerous journals, tabloids and magazines (Reuters, PC World, Washingtown Post, the Herald), we are made aware of the fact that “10% of sex offenders comprise online daters” Statistic Brain.  With the increasing number of online fabrications and the financial disasters that often result, IdentiShare helps its Members add another shield to protect their lives.  Our Members use a private and secured membership data sharing process allowing them to voluntarily and digitally exchange their own background information with one another.

What does this do?

Our Members want truth upfront.  This volunteering and exchanging of information sets a foundation of truth and honesty at the beginning of personal and professional relationships.  As we move in an increasing technological age, digital exchanges are helping individuals, whether through an initial meeting and exchange of information or through established couples seeking professional relationship guidance,  New York Times: After Online Dating Online Making Up.

How we can help.

Continually seeking ways to do good within humanity is our badge of honor and my personal endeavor.  Many people do what it takes to prevent intruders from breaking into their homes.  Why?  Because we're all concerned with protecting our personal belongings, our property and, more importantly, ourselves and our loved ones from harm.  But what about those invited into your home?    Join IdentiShare and add an immediate level of protection for yourself and your family.  If you don’t, you may just wind up being caught up in the spokes of your own bike. 

As the CEO of IdentiShare, my Executive team and I will do our best to ensure that you and your family have another shield of protection insulating you from fraudulent behavior.   Respectful reciprocity of personal information in a private, secured data sharing exchange is our esteemed platform.


C.e Dorr

CEO, IdentiShare