Reinventing the Way Background Reports are Used

We have changed the traditional way background reports are used. As a result, our members choose to obtain their own background reports to empower and take more control over their lives, as opposed to going through the typical “backdoor” process of looking up someone’s background for any suspicious or illegal activity. And they want to see other people’s clear background reports in an upfront and honest manner for personal relationships. Through IdentiShare, they can do this in a few simple steps and then digitally share their reports voluntarily with whomever they wish.  Members who use online dating sites in the hope of finding that special someone, love this opportunity, as dating sites provide little, if any, protection against fraud and fraudulent behavior. The power of IdentiShare is not just that you have acquired your own personal report about your background, it's in the realization that someone interested in you or vice versa should be willing to authenticate themselves to you in the same manner through IdentiShare. It's about sharing authenticity. It's the key to honesty, upfront.

With the ever increasing number of incidents of online fraud, misrepresentation, financial losses and other issues, IdentiShare is about helping people protect themselves against risk of exposure to these crimes. Through IdentiShare, our members choose immediate transparency. In doing so, they are not only helping to further protect themselves, but their families, as well.

When using an online dating service an authenticated background report proves who they really claim to be, verified through IdentiShare, and shared upfront, is definitely reassuring.

Be safe ~

C.e. Dorr
CEO, IdentiShare