Protection for your Life Protection for your Protection

For Your Life

Exchange personal authenticated information so you know right away if that special someone is really who they say they are.

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For Your Protection

Offer your new dating partner the benefit of your verified background credentials, and provide them with piece of mind. Protect yourself and your family against financial fraud, scams, deceptions and fake identities by establishing who you are upfront!

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IdentiShare Verification Shields You Against Personal and Financial Risks When Online Dating

In today’s world of online dating, you really do not know the person you are meeting, dating, or considering as a partner. Women who use dating sites seeking a permanent or long term relationship must deal with fake identities, fake profiles, defrauders, con artists, impostors, deceivers, liars, sexual predators and more. Remove doubt and fear when you are online dating. IdentiShare is the solution.

IdentiShare safeguards you, and

(i) Assures the true identity of any IdentiShare registered member

(ii) Pre-alerts IdentiShare members of a potential fake profile, fake identity, deception or scam triggered by a faulty or failed registration attempt by anyone who claims to be registered with IdentiShare.

For women, apply the “IdentiShare Test” in any online dating situation simply by requesting that special someone (or the stranger who wants to meet you) to authenticate their identity through IdentiShare. See if they pass the test. Immediately, you will know their true intentions.

People who share their verified identities authenticated by IdentiShare when online dating, confirm their honesty and confidence in building a trusting connection with each other.

Let IdentiShare eliminate the guesswork in your online dating life and help protect your financial security and personal safety. Become an IdentiShare member today and immediately establish a foundation of trust, honesty, and integrity in your relationship. Don’t wait!

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Validate your Identity

Validate your Identity

Within hours, share your verified identity with any IdentiShare member or non-IdentiShare member!

Trust Confirmed

Your Trust Confirmed

Confirm who you really are. Start exchanging your verified identity today to establish your trust, honesty, and integrity upfront, and get peace of mind!